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Pre-sale service

1. Provide product information, product details, on-site demonstration, product technical consultation.
2. Free design planning scheme and technical guidance for customers

Sale service

Ensure the safe and fast delivery; When the equipment arrives at the installation site, our company will send engineers to the equipment site for installation and commissioning to ensure the best use

After-sales service

Quick response: the equipment fails during the warranty period. After receiving the notification from the customer, our company will reply within 4 hours and provide the solution within 8 hours



Founded in 1984, the company has fixed assets of 1.2 million yuan and more than 20 sets of large-scale equipment. There are 118 employees, including 6 senior engineers, 12 engineers, 24 assistant engineers and 28 professional sales staff.
The company is located in the famous hometown of peony - heze, beijing-kowloon railway and the new stone railway in this intersection, proposed the heze airport 5 km away from the company headquarters, the company 230 kilometers away from jinan, the jinghang canal airport only 78 kilometers, traffic is very convenient. Our company has 5600 square meters of research and production base, 3,600 square meters of scientific research office building, strong technical force, is a modern enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales.

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why choose heze xinyuan instrument

Our company has 5600 square meters of research and production base, 3,600 square meters of scientific research office

setDevelopment, development, production, marketingAt an organic whole

Main series heating series, stirring series, centrifugal series, vibration series, ultrasonic series, rotary evaporation series, low temperature series


The product registration mark is“xinyuan”,Some products have been successfully certified by ISO quality system

The company adheres to the principle of "quality supreme reputation supreme" and "be a man in advance"

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